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Ernesto Martínez
Latino Son
de Zurich
With my album amor loco I’m aiming to bring the most diverse musical cultures together and tell  different stories with a variety of rhythms The content of the songs emanate not only from my imagination, but my own life story. I want to show that everything is possible if you try hard and believe in yourself even if it seems difficult or even impossible. An important topic of my songs contains the issue of emigration. I tell the stories of those people who have decided to start a new life in another country or continent for different reasons. My goal is to give my audience through my music joy of life and moments of happiness.


Latin Pop [Latin Urban – Latin Jazz – Cuban Traditional]

  1. El Raton
    (Music & Original lyrics: Cheo Feliciano © by Sony/ATV Music Publishing (Germany) GmbH)
  2. Milena Rap
    (Ernesto Martínez)
  3. Zürich Tiene
    (Ernesto Martínez)
  4. Amor Loco
    (Ernesto Martínez)
  5. Besame Mucho
    (Music & Original lyrics: Consuelo Velázguez © by Promotora Hispano Americano de Musica S.A., Mexico (PHAM))
  6. Aun en tu ausencia
    (Ernesto Martínez feat. Roberto Pulido)
  7. Amor de cuna
    (Ernesto Martínez)
  8. Aun en tu ausencia (Balada)
    (Ernesto Martínez)
  9. Milena Salsa
    (Ernesto Martínez)
  10. El Amor de una Mujer
    (Ernesto Martínez)


Foreground Layer


  • Julio Davalos [afro percusìon]: Mokongo muchas gracias por dejar un poco de tu aché y sabiduría Afrocubana
  • Mario Hernandez Morejon (El Indio) [trompeta, saxofon]
  • Jorge E. Hernandez [congas]
  • Raylor Oliva [bateria, piano]
  • Edo Leonardi [guitarra eléctrica]
  • Francesco Carpino [saxofon]
  • Bernhard Bamert [trombon]
  • Dudu Penz [bajo]
  • Carlos Irarragorri [guitarra acustica, tres]
  • F. Mendoza [guitarra eléctrica (rock)]
  • Leonardo Columbié [coro]
  • Roberto Pulido [coro, cantante]
  • Rene Martinez [coro]
  • Reinaldo Delgado (Flecha) [coro]
  • Montse Sadurni [coro]
  • Ernesto Martínez [cantante]

Composition, Production: DJ Santero (Ernesto Martínez Ramos)
Recording: DJ Santero Studio ZH
Mastering: DJ Santero, Raylor Oliva
Mix: Jose Mendoza
Mastering: 440 Mastering Fernando Alvares Madrid
Website: David Reindl
Photos: Yamile Solar Ramos, Lazaro Raimel Zamora Martínez

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Ernesto Martínez Ramos
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I was born in the neighborhood Lawton in Havana, Cuba on June 11, 1971 in a family who was designated to tradional Afro-Cuban music, a family of Rumberos and Soneros. My first experience as a singer and musical knowledge I acquired in the house of my maternal grandparents Ramiro and Hilda in Lawton. There I was introduced to the art of music by attending the rehearsels of my uncles Juan de Dios group called Los Colos. I participated in various dance groups until I became part of Compania Raices Profundas directed by Juan de Dios Ramos. There I developed and improved my qualities as a dancer, soloist, chorister and as a teacher of folk dances under the guidance of theater director Tito Junco. My daily life revolved around music and dance and I continuously educated myself as a singer and dancer with my uncle's guidance.

My uncles rejoiced when they realised how interested I was in Cuban culture, their music and in the art of  building and repairing instruments. In fact, my uncle Mariano was the first one of the family, apart of my grandfather, who sang before and after the revolution in Cuba in a group called Juvenia. Later on my uncle Juan de Dios founded along with others the group Conjunto Folklorico Nacional de Cuba as well as the musician group Los Colos and the dance company Raices Profundas. My two brothers founded the Compania Iya Achè.

Over time I began to work as a freelance artist. My heritance helped me in difficult times. The support of excellent musicians with whom I was able to work as closely as with my own family helped me to grow and to develop my own language and interpretation of Cuban music.

A new phase of my life has started where I express my feelings and who I am through my music. I feel humbled and blessed to release my first CD amor loco. A big and warm thank you to my family and friends who have unconditionally believed in me and my project and supported me wherever they could.


Ernesto Martínez

Rebbergstrasse 178
CH-8706 Feldmeilen
+41 79 544 39 43

License, Distribution & Record Label

DJ Santero

Rebbergstrasse 178
CH-8706 Feldmeilen

Recording Studio

DJ Santero Studio, Zürich

CD Production

Christof Ripphausen